Thursday, 25 April 2013

Playing with fabric!

This is the first thing I made with a gorgeous fabric bundle I purchased not too long ago, it has been a very long time since I made anything from fabric. Sewing a pair of trouser hems up is just not the same! I decided to start small to get used to sewing again, so decided to make myself a pretty pincushion, I think it turned out quite nice :) of course I had to add a bit of crochet, Attic24 rose (slight change as I added and extra big petal) and leaves. May make these for others in the future.
I also made a teeny owl pincushion (will add pic later as don't have one uploaded on pc yet), my daughter loved it so I made her a much larger version to sit on her desk, thinks she is rather cute!

 Plan to make other things soon, and one day I will make memory quilts for my children :) just need to get the hang of my old but new sewing machine (it as they say round my way, goes like the clappers, if you get too heavy footed!), Hope you enjoyed my fabric bits n bobs :)
Lynne xx

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