Saturday, 18 May 2013

My Moggies!

Thought I'd share a wee bit about me, well I say me, this is about the three nutters in my life (the other two are not so nuts!). My moggies (cats to anyone who doesn't know that term).

This is our eldest moggy is Tilly, she adopted us, (she essentially came with the house) she decided we were rather nice and moved in! we think she is about 5 - 6 years old, hard to tell with moggies.She isn't particularly partial to other cats, she puts up with them but would rather they went somewhere else, hence she lives mainly upstairs away from the other two (till furball sneaks up there, you'll meet furball soon, though that isn't her name). She always waits till you're in bed to come over and be fussed! Which is great if you're not sleepy, not so great when you're half asleep, nothing like a cold wet nose shoved in your face to wake you up!


Next up is my daughters cat Koko, she is 3 and teeny for an adult moggy, she is sleeping on my leg in the pic (excuse the messy table, its my sons play table and general dumping ground lol). Koko thinks she is human, she is like having a toddler around. If I go into the kitchen to make drinks, she will appear next to me, left front paw up on the freezer waving her right paw at me trying to get my attention so I will give her something out of the fridge! She loves snuggles, unfortunately she doesn't sit still lol she is all over your face, shoulders etc, good job she is cute!

Last but not least is Gizmo (furball) she is 2, and a complete nutter as you can see from the pic, she sleeps in some strange places, I'd placed the colander there as I didn't have space next to the sink and tadah there she is snoozing in it. she sits in the christmas tree too. Last week we caught her sat in a plastic container in the window.... nuts!

So thats my silly moggies :)

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